About Us

Swastika Institute Of Higher Education & Technology (SIHET) had been established with the sole aim of promoting education from under-graduate level to post-graduate level across the entire education spectrum with a view to achieve comprehensive development of culture, through people and projects in the field.

With a will to nurture education all around, the foundation’s vision is to become a leading educator, espousing and inculcating value system to develop educated, responsible and model citizens who will actively participate in nation building.

The motto "vidya dhanam sarva dhan pradhanam" interpreted as vidya (knowledge) is the only wealth which is primary wealth among allwealth’s very rightly depicts the strives the foundation is taking to meet the changing needs of providing comprehensive education to develop various facets of personality and to impart education even to disadvantage groups on most modern lines thereby ensuring that they may contribute their skills & talents for the development of the nation.

A strong belief in the promoters and management, that technical, management and higher education should be in reach of the rural area's as well as economically backwards, evolved with the start of technical & computer courses and gradually developed into a state-of-art infrastructure, with different courses.